Thursday, May 21, 2009

Alpaca Brothers - Legless EP (1986)

A fine, underrated band from the peak of Flying Nun's influence, the Alpaca Brothers stirred up a nice racket on their 1986 Legless EP. The band featured Steve Courname, who went on to drum for the Verlaines, and Norma O'Malley of Look Blue Go Purple. - Ariel



JC said...

Neat,me vinyls a bit scratchy but I still have the postcards somewhere,those were the days hitching up to AK to see the FN stable in full flight at the Kings Arms.
Top Bloggage Ariel,cheers very muchly.

Anonymous said...

What a freakn' great Ep!! Lucky Kiwis say they were even better live. Anyone got a live recording? Please please please post it!!

Anonymous said...

Just a thank you for your continued efforts!!


Dylan Taylor said...

I paid about $50 for a copy of this about a year ago, the vinyl was in great condition but the cover badly ripped, that aside I still stand by it as a worthy purchase!

Anonymous said...

well the band that recorded Legless were Bruce Blucher,Nick Wilkonson and Steve Cournane and I have about
30 m9nutes of vhs footage of them supporting the chills at the windsor
in mid 85 dont know if they had any other live recordings but this is no way better than the record

The Dowdydiva a.k.a. Cecile said...

I bought this for $5 in Ann Arbor, MI about 22 years ago. It sill is haunting.

Anonymous said...

I own the vinyl and was really itching to listen to it, but my turntable sounds like rice crispies and sizzling bacon, so thanks for this. Great record.

zzeitg said...

hi there, I'm searching for some Dissolve albums. Any chance?

Paul said...

I was thinking of a way to digitalize my kiwi-vinyl. So I'm extremely happy to find Doledrums. Thx! Hope there's much more to come...

Jet said...

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slacker said...

I guess this is over too now, well thanks for your efforts anyway!

brenda said...

Hey there
Looks like you might be winding this blog up, but just in case you're still out there scouting ... I thought I'd check to see if you had heard of NZ On Screen.
We have 172 NZ Music videos online (and the list is growing) including quite few Flying Nun ones, a Chris Knox collection, as well as the Flying Nun documentary.
Take a look:
If you get posting again, you might find some gems in there :)

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nulli said...

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The band featured Steve Courname, who went on to drum for the Verlaines, and Norma O'Malley of Look Blue Go Purple.

Casey said...

Look Blue Go Purple. what a sandbag.


- Diarrhea Planet

- Casey

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