Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mayo Thompson - Corky's Debt to His Father (1969)

An awesomely fun and odd as hell album from this Psych hero Who's Red Krayola Still performs to this day after many different line up changes and consistently good musical changes. The Music has a folkier sound than most of the Red Krayola's stuff up till the time of this release. Packed with Off kilter lyrics and strange melodies. Mayo also played in Pere Ubu for sometime and also produced work for some bands such as The Chills.
Deffinately an album for Fans of the Red krayola and Syd Barrett.

"Although this, to put it mildly, is not a record for mainstream tastes, it nevertheless may be more palatable to pop ears than any of Thompson's numerous Red Krayola records. With a folkier bent than his group projects, Thompson projects himself as a lovable oddball of sorts, stringing together free-associative, non-sequitur lyrics against chord progressions and time signatures that, as is his wont, refuse to adhere to accepted norms. Much of it's rather catchy (if not hummable), though, with a whimsical sense of fun that makes it impossible to dismiss as pretentious artsiness"(Allmusic)

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Gozz said...

Harvey Dog said...

Awesome album! Thanks!


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Woah!!! Thanks a lot!!!


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One of my all-time fav LPs! If you haven't heard it already, grab it now...! IBx

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Great. thanks so much. this saves me from the drudgery of digitizing my vinyl copy. much obliged