Saturday, November 8, 2008

This Kind of Punishment - In the Same Room / 5 By Four (1993)

As the abrasive, uncompromising chords of "Immigration Song" fade to reveal the subdued, meditative textures of "Overground in China," it becomes clear to the listener that the final release from This Kind of Punishment will be a jarring listening experience; it is an album not content to sit still. This particular release from 1993 combines 1987's 'In the Same Room' with 1985's '5 By Four' EP; the latter's rough-hewn experimentalism compliments the more fully-developed sounds of the main album while recalling the quiet harshness of This Kind of Punishment's debut. Lyrically, the album is characteristically vague and composed of fragmentary, impressionistic narratives; despite the inherent disconnect of the album's stylistic meanderings, the album ultimately assumes closure with the decidedly Nocturnal Projections-esque "Words Fail Me." Along with the aforementioned tracks, "Don't Go," "The Men By the Pool," and the unusually anthemic "Holding," are among This Kind of Punishment's finest efforts; this is an excellent album from one of New Zealand's most rightfully exalted bands, and you would be truly remiss to pass up 'In the Same Room' or 'A Beard of Bees.' - Ariel


"Immigration Song"


Anonymous said...

This is my personal favourite NZ album e'er and in my top 5 albums of anyw'ere e'er. "Don't Go", also, is definitely a top ten track of anyw'ere e'er.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic! My vinyl copy of this is uber-warped so it's great to hear it w/o the wobble... IBx said...

Very useful information, thanks so much for the post.

Wicky said...

Any chance of getting a re-up?
Thanks :)