Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Renderers - That Dog's Head in the Gutter Gives Off Vibrations (1995)

This album was Brian and Mayrose Crook's second full-length release as the Renderers, appearing four years after their debut, 'Trail of Tears.' The Crooks would produce their most lasting material with the Southern-fried, psychedelic twang of the Renderers, born out of the anarchic joy of the Max Block; 'The Dog's Head in the Gutter...' is undoubtedly their masterpiece. While 1991's 'Million Lights' 7" announced Mayrose Crook as the perfect vocal counterpoint to her husband, it is with this album that she truly comes into her own as a vocalist. The slow-burn of "So Blind," coupled with the quietly defiant resignation of Mayrose's vocal, punctuated by the piercing guitar tones of Brian Crook, achieves an escalating emotional intensity that sets the tone for the remainder of the album. Positioned after the ominous, dusk-tinged "Unforgiven," the two songs exemplify the weeping humanism at the heart of the Renderer's music, bittersweet yet tinged with the allure of misanthropy. Enjoy this one. - Ariel



Anonymous said...

Yeah, wonderful. thank you, Ariel, for this NZ-country-style.


gomonkeygo said...

Very cool. Great album. Can't find my burn of this that a fellow in Japan sent me years ago, so I can't wait to listen again. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

... Ajax ... Tim adams ...
Great ! Really ....

Unknown said...

Renderers are going to be playing some US dates!!

Eerowen said...

...and here they are!

Mar 6 2009 8:00P
Somerville, private home email for tix, details: -- Boston, Massachusetts

Mar 13 2009 9:00P
Cake Shop -- New York, New York

Mar 20 2009 9:00P
WFMU/Acquarius Records Showcase SXSW -- Austin, Texas

Mar 21 2009 2:00P
End of an Ear Record Store -- Austin, Texas

Mar 25 2009 8:00P
radio, KFJC -- San Francisco, California

Mar 26 2009 9:00P
the Hemlock -- San Francisco, California

Mar 29 2009 8:00P
The Smell -- Los Angeles, California

Mar 30 2009 8:00P
Echo Curio -- Los Angeles, California

Anonymous said...

great if you can make the dates.
But does this site have the renderer's permission to make all their music freely downloadable?
Believe me, these guys don't make much from music. They spend months and years recording and mixxing an albumn- and a lot of their own money, too.
Wouldn't kill ya'll to buy a copy! I think there's a fair bit on emusic, for example (though maybe that's just the terminals, Brian's other band.)

Anonymous said...

could anyone add Dream of the sea?

L said...

I just heard them on the radio and was searching for more by them. This is a very very pleasant and unexpected surprise - Many thanks.

zzeitg said...

wow wow wow! I love them. Pls. come with more!!!

CumFac said...

link exchange with me: