Monday, May 18, 2009

State of the Blog

As you may or may not have noticed, a number of links have mysteriously disappeared. My attempts to create an archival collection of New Zealand music were tempered in March when a representative from Mushroom Records--the label that bought Flying Nun in 1990--requested that a number of artists be removed, including:

The Clean
David Kilgour
Martin Phillipps/The Chills
Chris Knox
Toy Love
Tall Dwarfs
The Bats
Goblin Mix

So, that explains that. For educational purposes, the pages will remain. I'm going to start writing about music from outside of New Zealand again--in addition to the usual, of course--but please continue to request your kiwi favorites!

- Ariel


Hank said...

A shame. But I'm glad to hear that you will continue the blog. I have really enjoyed it, and not just the NZ artists.

Anonymous said...

Pity they don't devote as much attention to the other bands in the FN stable and release great wads of it....

Andrew said...

Mushroom can eat my shit. The request the 3Ds be taken down but won't front up the cash to make sure their catalog remains in print. Fuck those parasites.

Bob Jones said...

Andrew, mushrooms actually thrive on shit. I think we both don't want Mushroom to get any bigger. Abstain from shitting please.

Anonymous said...

We all know Mushroom would re-release Goblin Mix before the 3Ds cause they would move more units ;)

Josh said...

aww... where am i going to find Duck Shaped Pain and Indifferent Velvet Void. Can anyone help me?

Dylan Taylor said...

I'm surprised that they even have someone following up on that, seeing as (and people before me have already stated) they don't give a fuck about their artists. I've heard rumours that The Shocking Pinks were basically signed by Flying Nun and then largely unsupported by the label, yet when the band gained popularity on its own hard steam and was offered a contract by DFA, Flying Nun wanted to retain credit and payment, having their cake and eating it too. This could be just rumour, but it's pretty believable.

The Flying Bazeel said...

A certain smug-faced has-been who basically did fuck all for Flying Nun's fortunes, piggybacking on the nous of others to gain a following abroad, wallowing in some kind of McGee-like pseudo-svengali limelight, harping on with false humility about the halcyon days of a label he mismanaged and misguided toward predicted mainstream acceptance (woefully inaccurate), neglecting reissue maintenance but desperate to maintain a presence with underfunded bands ('gee, thanks so much for letting us join your label, but might we enquire as to the benefits of being on here, bar the critical cred?'), before recently cropping up with a DomPost guest piece, in which he decried the zeitgeist of devil-may-care downloading, hypocritically pointing the finger at people who can't actually purchase chunks of FN's catalogue because they've either reached the rarefied realms of bidding wars or are languishing in obscurity, revived mostly by file-sharing blogs keen to spread the word and drum up support for reissues? A shepherd, somehow holding on to an ardent little flock of sheep, who claims to have little or nothing to do with Mushroom's decisions, yet writes fuss-kicking columns in line with such ill-considered moves as removing several Flying Nun youtube videos? Roger that.

Anonymous said...

Let's eliminate the file sharing so we can't buy the albums Flying Nun won't re-release.

Makes perfect sense to me.

Anonymous said...

what a pity. but what about the jean-paul sartre experience? the link's been removed. is that also due to the Mushroom Records request? i've really enjoyed the kiwi uploads!

Anonymous said...

Just another case of a brother bein' brought down by the MAN!

Damn the man!

They can't stop...the INTERNET!

Someone else, quick, start a blog and upload all this stuff again! And AGAIN and AGAIN AND AGAIN!

When will it stop? When nuns fly!

Anonymous said...

Any chance of some Bill Direen/the Bilders?
He always seemed an OK guy, maybe he wouls even contribute?

Unknown said...

That's sad, especially since there's no way I can get physical copies of their albums and have the artist get paid! I bought both of the Cloud Recordings reissues of Fork Songs and Weeville by Tall Dwarfs -- it's not like everyone's just freeloading these days.

CumFac said...

link exchange with me:

Inheritance Records said...

You could be sneaky, put them up under different names (e.g. "The Tidy"), or make some "mixtapes" ;)

tuskedbeast said...

Hey Dol,

Just re-enjoyed this place- used to follow it with absolute delight and appreciation when it was current.

I want you to know that it still inspires both those responses, even without the actual sounds, and really does provide an important educational service, as you imagined it could. Your writing, as well as your taste, is excellent.

So, thanks, in 2014!

-tuskedbeasts of exmoor