Thursday, October 9, 2008

David Kilgour - First Steps & False Alarms (1995)

Surely a man that needs no introduction. The subtitle of 'False Steps & False Alarms' is "the best of the worst - home demos of demos," and I assure you, it fully delivers on that promise. There are many gloriously lo-fi, embryonic gems to be found amongst the twenty assembled, and the stripped-down style of these recordings really showcases David Kilgour's songwriting gifts. Not that they were ever in question, of course. Songs such as "This Chord," "Another Echo Downer," and a stunning rough version of "Here Come the Cars" are generously shrouded in a layer of echo, an effect that further highlights the sense of otherworldliness present throughout. All in all, this is a fine collection of beautifully drowsy, relaxed, and intimate fragments, not unlike Mr. Kilgour's work in the Great Unwashed. Perfect for a lazy sunny afternoon. My wonderful sometimes co-contributor Gozz--on an extended, indefinite hiatus at the moment and very much missed--posted two of David Kilgour's solo albums back in August. You can get 'Here Come the Cars' and 'Frozen Orange' at the Doledrums here. - Ariel

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Paul Capewell said...

You're doing a fantastic job with this blog and I appreciate it beyond words. Well done, and thank you :)

michaelDUSTdevil said...

nice one sir!... Mxxx

J. said...

Another comment of gratitude, man.
I like obscure records like this. Many little gems to find here.

Greetings Jay

hdvns said...

A great record, which I own, but it's nice to have the rips. Cheers!