Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nocturnal Projections - Nerve Ends in Power Lines (1995)

Capturing the nascent recordings of Graeme and Peter Jefferies, 'Nerve Ends in Power Lines' collects the best of the Nocturnal Projections' recorded output; the moody, post-punk outfit was formed in 1981 and disbanded in 1983 after releasing two albums--one a cassette release limited to 100 copies--two EPs, and one single. You may remember "Walk in a Straight Line" from the Xpressway Pile=Up compilation. From aggressive, jerky rhythms to plaintive folk-inflected ballads slightly reminiscent of the Axemen's quieter moments--now that was a fun band--the Nocturnal Projections' songs offer a taste of the hypnotic darkness later perfected by the legendary This Kind of Punishment, the brothers Jefferies' next and most widely-known musical venture.

NOTE: Following "Restoration," the final four unlisted tracks of the compilation--collected from self-released cassettes-are ordered as follows:

12.1 - The Down Song
12.2 - Alone in the Corner
12.3 - Obsessions
12.4 - Inmates in Images

If this is wrong, please let me know. Like most of the albums I feature, this is not a personal rip; I'm going by what information I can gather online, and I have made errors before. Thanks!

- Ariel


cultureshot66 said...

I still enjoy these guys to this day- only saw them a handful of times-they played at my High School Ball!- Difficult Days is a fav of mine.
Can you get your hands on the Headless Chickens- Stuntclown cd? Keep it Up , Cheers

Ariel said...

Yes, Greg, I can get my "hands" on that Headless Chickens album. I have quite a few requests to sort out first so it may be a little while before you see it on the blog. Stay tuned.

And your High School Ball - that's incredible! You may not see this, but I'll ask anyway. Did you see any other classic NZ acts in their heyday?

Anonymous said...

The Chills, The Gordons, Flesh D-Vice (i'd consider them classic) - don't think i saw the Bats or the clean.
Now you've got me thinking and it's just not coming to me...Oh Childrens Hour, I liked the louder stuff, but i missed Toy Love.
I'll be keep ing an eye out.
Take it easy
Greg. Yes the Gordons were amazing!

John said...

Ariel, is "Out of My Hands" on any compilations of Nocturnal Projections? I heard the song on YouTube and was a little bummed when I didn't see it after downloading this.

Ariel said...

"Out of My Hands" can be found on the 'Another Year' 12". You can download it from the fabulous (retired) Kiwi Tapes blog here:

The link is still live. Enjoy!

John said...

Thanks Ariel!

T 0 1 M u s i c said...

Cheers - my copy of the Nerve-ends 7" got melted years ago - great memories of these guys playing The Windsor back in the day...