Friday, February 13, 2009

Marie and the Atom

Spit It Out 12" EP (1983)

- Miss America
- Yellow Tulip
- Tall
- Torch
- Aria To Marie
- Swing

Yellow Read Aloud 12" EP (1983)

- Receiving The Yellow
- Karaka Bay
- Isol
- A Town Called Women And Men
- Orange Towel Song


Marie and the Atom
Spit It Out 12" EP & Yellow Read Aloud 12" EP


Radio Dog said...

Great upload - be waiting ages to hear the full twelves. Keep up the excellent work!

citrus peeler said...

not complete!

"She Said" EP on Industrial Tapes is missing

citrus peeler said...

for info

a sample of Isol has been used by the Uk band HOOD. I don't remember what song, I must check out my collection

citrus peeler said...

"branches bare" on "Cold house" LP

citrus peeler said...

I have scans of the 2 12" in a small size

Anonymous said...

anyone have
die bilders - schwimmen in der see

Ariel said...

Thanks for all the info, Citrus Peeler!

ROOKSBY said...

Nice work!

Wm said...

Totally off topic, but. . . Does anyone know where I can find pictures or any other info about the band Children's Hour from New Zealand? They're so amazing!

Bell Hamm said...

thanks for the posts!!
back in 88 or so i was working in a record store in upstate new york and a guy who would come in gave me a comp of nz stuff. thus my love affair with flying nun and xpressway began. your posts are filling in some of the (w)holes. it seems the clean are having a bit of a revival among the younger hipster set (see the woods "to clean") - ill leave the judgement as to whether thats good or bad to others. my personal favs where always the 3ds and i was so happy to get a copy of the ghost club after trying to get it for so many years (sans giving my credit card over the net to some dodgy web site). my suggested post would be the gordons stuff. my request would be the look blue, go purple stuff. great blog! thanks again for the posts!

Anonymous said...


CumFac said...

link exchange with me:

moesgaard said...

Please, could you re-up? Thank you so much