Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Cakekitchen - World of Sand (1991)

'World of Sand' succeeded 1989's 'Time Flowing Backwards' EP, which was the official debut of Graeme Jefferies' recordings under the Cakekitchen moniker. It may be argued, however, that Jefferies' Messages for the Cakekitchen, released under his own name in 1988, was the true birth of Cakekitchen. The tightly crafted tension and claustrophobic nature of 'Messages...' is less apparent but not lost entirely in 'World of Sand.' A more polished affair, it is still unmistakably Jefferies, whose rich, guttural vocals appear alternatively menacing and tender. The revolving cast of musicians that have appeared in Cakekitchen over the years includes Alastair Galbraith, represented on this album in the haunting, gentle lilt of the title track, and the Clean's Hamish Kilgour. Enjoy. - Ariel



gomonkeygo said...

Great to see you back - many thanks!

MaryEllen said...

thanx ~ I had that album long ago ~ on cassette tape ~ played it until it was no more ~ listening again, right now, brought a tear to my eye :)

love all-ways,

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Great Blog. Makes me happy. Best.

w!L said...

Heh-little bit of boring trivia for you.I'm one of several people namechecked on either this LP or "time flowing backwards".
The cover pic was shot in my bedroom.The ceramics were made by my ex-girlfriend,along with a bunch of crap we picked up in the street.I still have the demonic angel bust somewhere - although its lost its wings,and the horns got damaged when the head came off in the messy break-up.'Tomorrow came today' cuts through me like frozen rain.I've just played it for the first time in 17 years,and I'm currently drowning in a litre of Gin - the first time I've drank for over a year.
Please support Graeme by buying some music from his website's certainly not living in a mansion;when he's not gigging he's probably washing dishes in the local restaurant.He will cut you a deal for buying cds without jewel cases - less weight - less postage.Thoroughly decent chap.A certain someone else however can go boil his head.

CumFac said...

link exchange with me:

STWND said...
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