Monday, December 8, 2008

The Garbage and the Flowers - Catnip b/w Carousel 7" (1992)

I apologize for the severe lack of updates lately. To tide you over until the next post--up by the end of the week, I promise--I thought I'd offer one of my favorite New Zealand singles as a peace offering. The Garbage and the Flowers released this cacophonous gem of a 7" in 1992 on the Twisted Village imprint; the band has continued to record, and if you're enticed by the sounds here, a 1997 collection of their material entitled 'Eyes Rind as if Beggars' can be found on the Allegory of Allergies blog. Dusted aptly described the Garbage and the Flowers' sound as "raw gobbets of gray matter, filthy drone, and vintage ennui," and while I think that the band's lo-fi charms begin to wear in the long-player format, this is a near-perfect realization of harsh, dissonant beauty; Helen Johnstone's strong vocals, alternatively defiant and wearied, are the real draw here, anchoring the recordings as they threaten to spiral out of control and collapse in their frenzied rush. The propulsive, feedback-drenched "Catnip" and its counterpart, the austere, resigned "Carousel," offer a bleak vision of modern humanity that is inescapable in its hypnotizing lull. Enjoy! - Ariel



Jake said...

I've never heard of these guys. Awesome.

Plus, they must deserve a prize for 'least Leonard Cohen-like band whose name was inspired by a Leonard Cohen lyric.'

Anonymous said...

I find the Sisters of Mercy least Cohen-like... but anyway... great material on this 7".
Somebody got hints how and where to spot some MURDER STRIKES PINK-stuff?
And Ariel, this blog became part of my daily diet, so don't shut this down.
Norman with Greetings from Berlin

Anonymous said...

Great single (I've still got it somewhere). Think they did an LP too - only have a dub of that though. IBx

Simon Chamberlain said...

Always thought the Sisters of Mercy were referring to the religious order, not the Cohen song. Anyhoo, so glad to see this posted, I saw these guys live a few times and didn't even realise they'd made a record. Great!