Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Max Block - Self-Titled 12" EP (1986)

While the Max Block released only one EP on Flying Nun in the mid-eighties, their lasting appeal is due not only to an impeccable lineage--as the link between Scorched Earth Policy and the Renderers, their legacy is assured--but in their ability to transcend this context; simply put, the sounds contained on the Max Block EP are another beast entirely from the Crooks' past and future musical entanglements. As the swirling drone of Mayrose Crook's organ propels each song to the point of collapse, she is matched by the laconic snarl of her husband; along with Rebecca Shanahan and Robbie Stowell, the two play host to a delirious carnival of psychotic merriment. Play this one alongside the Garbage and the Flowers' 7" from December 8th. - Ariel



Anonymous said...

Any possibility of posting the Chris Know singles comp that was up at kiwitapes. thanks for all the great music.

Rob Stowell said...

Jeebus- I knew the pirates were sacking the Major's collections! But now they're everywhere. I didn't know there was a digital version of this ep- is it legit?

Anonymous said...

im pretty sure its just a vinyl rip, same as was on kiwi tapes
hey rob!


Huntronik said...

thanks for posting this. i really enjoy this group

baratos muebles barcelona said...

The dude is completely just, and there is no suspicion.