Thursday, December 18, 2008

Victor Dimisich Band - My Name is K (1997)

Few musical family trees within New Zealand music are as artistically rewarding as the Victor Dimisich Band/Scorched Earth Policy/Terminals trifecta, and that's not even mentioning the psychedelic twang of Brian Crook's Renderers. The Victor Dimisich Band was the first, releasing a single 12" EP within its lifetime. Containing the spellbinding, swirling intensity of "Native Waiter," the 1982 self-titled release remains a classic of the brooding Christchurch scene that counted the Pin Group and Bill Direen's Bilders among its legendary roster. The Victor Dimisich Band featured Stephen Cogle and Peter Stapleton in their earliest recorded partnership; the haunted baritone of the former is unmistakable, while the propulsive, thundering drums of the latter offer a perfect accompaniment to Victor Dimisich's tales of quiet, droning desperation. In 1988, Xpressway released a live Victor Dimisich cassette called 'The Mekong Delta Blues.' 'My Name is K' collects select tracks from this profoundly lo-fi document and the original EP in its entirety. I've included notes on the exact details of recording. Enjoy! - Ariel



hookfinger said...

This is one I had never heard of. Very enjoyable. Thanks!!

Roddus said...

Wondering if you ever come across an album by a band from christchurch called Southern Front, They just had one self titled LP around mid 80s. Also still looking for the gordons second album.


John said...

Roddus, I was pretty disappointed by the second Gordons record...I could probably send you a copy.

Anonymous said...

you are beautiful though i've never seen through darkness yet you are the mermaid makes my ears go

Anonymous said...

The Terminals are one of the best bands ever. I'm from New Zealand so I get to see them at least once every two years for their half-annual gig.

P.s. I think my bro still has The Gordons second LP(does it have a title? something like.. redlines? maybe not). I think even the band hated it but I love Quality Control. Haven't heard it in years and gave my tape copy (which i had to sneak into my brother's room to dub) to a mate. I bet he still has it.

Anonymous said...

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