Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Stones - Complete Recordings (1982-83)

You just have to love that name, don't you? Such naughty, cheeky boys. Along with the Chills, the Verlaines, and the Sneaky Feelings, the Stones first appeared on the legendary Dunedin Double EP in 1982. To the sad deprivation of music lovers the world over, they only went on to record one more EP, 1983's 'Another Disc, Another Dollar.' Like so many Flying Nun acts, the Stones have been tragically denied any kind of retrospective, so I decided to collect the songs that appeared on these two releases for your listening pleasure! While I've read that these EPs didn't do justice to the chaotic power of the Stones live, the songs they managed to record possess a brilliantly raw, primal urgency as led by the late, great Wayne Elsey. The Stones performed their own beautifully volatile mix of down n' dirty, stompin' garage and surf-rock filtered through the lens of that most unfathomably glorious of times, post-punk Dunedin. Just fantastic kiwi minimalism and ingenuity at work here, folks. And does "Down and Around" sound like the Chills' "Dan Destiny and the Silver Dawn" to anyone else? Just me? Anyway, after you hear these songs, you'll wish the Stones had left behind a long recorded legacy too; unfortunately, the magic is all too brief. After the demise of the Stones, Wayne Elsey would go on to form the excellent but similarly short-lived DoubleHappys with Shayne Carter. Seek out the 'Nerves' compilation if you haven't! DoubleHappys would eventually evolve into the Straitjacket Fits after Elsey's tragically premature death in 1985. The Stones' faultless songs, however, will always remain; enjoy! - Ariel

I've got most of these requests coming up too! If I've forgotten anything from this list, please let me know.

The Terminals - Little Things
Bailter Space - Nelsh Bailter Space EP
Jay Clarkson - S/T EP
Fatal Jelly Space - Hole EP

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J. said...

Many thanks Ariel, Doledrums for president. I'm absolutely enthusiastic about your announcements.

Greetings J.

Melvillain said...

Sounds great. Thanks Ariel!

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audiscoteque said...

Your blog is better than Christmas. Thanks so much!

Also, would love to get anything by Les Coronados or The Passions, if you have any / deem them worthy of addressing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you..Any BIRD NEST ROYS you can put up

Ariel said...

A very big thank you to everyone who commented! I'll upload the Bird Nest Roys album after a DoubleHappys/Bored Games post I have planned. Then, to the requests!

michaelDUSTdevil said...

you beauty!... Mxxx

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Anonymous said...

Seems like I'm a few years late, but thanks very much for the tunes... got into Kiwi Rock in a big way in the past few years and always had a Stones track or two floating around, but finally started looking for some more stuff... guess there wasn't much more to find!


Warrior said...

All the mediafire files of your blog are down, and most of this kiwi albums of the Dunedin Sound are very hard to find (some of them impossible), so when you have some time, could see all links which are down and reupload the links, please? Maybe to MEGA (which domains are actually in New Zealand). I love this music.

Thank you very much!!

Best regards from Spain!!