Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Terminals - Disconnect EP (1988)

I was going to post this with 'Uncoffined,' but I didn't have enough time on Thursday. So, without further delay, 1988's fantastic 'Disconnect' EP from the Terminals! As I mentioned previously, these songs are a bit more pop-oriented than those on 'Uncoffined.' Likewise, the songs on 'Uncoffined' are a bit more pop-oriented than the ones on its successor, 'Touch,' which tends to have a more experimental, abrasive bent. I suppose this progression may be partly due to the presence of ex-Clean member Russ Humphries on the first two releases; after his exit, Humphries was replaced by Renderers guitarist Brian Crook. The New Zealand music scene is just so delightfully incestuous, isn't it? Anyway, enjoy this fabulous slice of slightly off-kilter kiwi pop! - Ariel


RE-UP UPDATE: On an unrelated note, I was recently informed that the Liliput/Kleenex links had been taken down by Mediafire; I re-uploaded them on Megaupload for everyone's listening pleasure. I know, I know: I love Mediafire's direct downloads as much as anyone, but I have to pay for extra bandwidth and you don't. So, please help yourself to Liliput's lovely militia-punk stylings by way of Switzerland here. We do post (and even often enjoy!) music of a non-kiwi variety, you know.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this "poppy" Terminals EP.
I have "Blistering heart" on the beginning of a favourite tape in past.

Cheers Jenne

Anonymous said...

...and I hope for "Little things".
Best wishes


Meredith said...

This is a cumulative thank you comment, because otherwise I'd clog up your inbox! I found your awesome blog when I was searching for The Clean's Anthology, and just spent the last hour or so downloading almost everything I could find! I'm a Kiwi living in England, so it's wonderful to expand my collection of NZ music like this. Thanks so much for sharing so generously :)

Michael said...

Wonderful blog! It's impossible to come across most of this stuff in the US.

Could you by any chance re-upload this EP? I can download it from Mediafire but get an error when I try to open it. I've been looking for this (and Uncoffined, which I gladly saw in another post) forever. Thanks!

haLbuse said...

Oh please can you re-upload this?