Thursday, September 25, 2008

DoubleHappys - Nerves (1992)

As soon as I mentioned this compilation in the Stones post, I knew that it was only a matter of time before it would make an appearance on this blog; and my weaknesses proved me correct, as usual. In case you've forgotten, the DoubleHappys arose from the ashes of my beloved Stones, and saw Wayne Elsey reuniting with former Bored Games band-mate Shayne Carter. Along with drummer John Collie--his predecessor was a despised drum machine dubbed "Herbie Fuckface"--the trio would blaze a brief but intense trail through the New Zealand music scene, bombarding audiences with their own blistering brand of trashy, snotty, and anthemically sweeping kiwi rock. The meager recorded legacy of the DoubleHappys--1984's 'Double B Side' 7" and the following year's 'Cut It Out' EP--is often overshadowed by the later achievements of Shayne Carter, but I feel that these songs offer far more than just the blueprint for the Straitjacket Fits. 'Nerves' kindly collects the entire recorded output of the DoubleHappys in addition to four live tracks that appeared on the posthumous EP "How Much Time Left, Please?" For this listener, the standout is the biting, slow-burn intensity of Wayne Elsey's "Anyone Else Would." The rest are brilliant fun as well, if only for the joy of listening to Carter and Elsey try and out-sneer each other on every track. So, do give the DoubleHappys a listen! Wayne Elsey left behind a vibrant musical legacy that was all too brief, but I hope you will enjoy these albums as much as I have. Finally, here's a very amusing but ultimately sad interview with the DoubleHappys dating shortly before Elsey's death in 1985: Hard News: One for Wayne. - Ariel

"Needles and Plastic"


J. said...

My God, guys, your blog will get better and better: The fantastic Doublehappys.
Is there a chance for the Pile=Up XPressway compilation too? (And maybe TKOP "In the same rooms").

Grretings Jenne

Ariel said...

Done and done. I'll get them up sometime soon, I promise. I've got a few other requests to sort out first. Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I've lent out so many copies of Nerves and I never get them back and have to buy another copy second hand. I think I'm on my fifth purchase. Worth every cent - and it's a recommendation that never falls flat.

My all time top 1.

laysh said...

Just stumbled on the blog today and boy is it packed full of wizardry! Love the youtube video for Needles and Plastic. Unfortunately, the link for this album is dead. Any chance you could reupload it? Many thanks and keep up the brilliant work!

Warrior said...

Could you reupload this album, please??

Thanks a lot!