Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Requests Time: Jean-Paul Sartre Experience - Love Songs (1988) + Able Tasmans - Store in a Cool Place (1995)

Here are some requests I've been holding out due to some health problems and slight laziness.

First up the debut LP by The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience titled "Love songs" and released in 1988 featuring a minimalistic near folky sound, well definately a much less of a distortion fest than later albums . Not the best JPSE album in my opinion but a good starting point to this influential Flying nun band. - Gozz

[Link Removed]

Next up we have another album by a fine fine fine band that really doesn't need anymore of an introduction on this blog, The Able tasman's with their final album "Store in a cool place"

Store in a cool place


Hank said...

Thanks! Hope your health problems are sorted out and you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon, Gozz!

The Able Tasmans-link sadly don't work.

All the best.

Gozz said...

Thanks for the heads up I'll have Able Tasmans reuploaded a little later for anyone having trouble with it. Is Love songs working fine?

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the reupload. That's giant. Greetings to Mary Tyler Moore.


gomonkeygo said...

Ah, I gotta disagree with the remarks about "Love Songs" - this is my second or third favorite NZ album of all time. I've probably only listened to "Kaleidoscope World" more often.

It's a subtle, sweet but slightly eerie record that propulsively bores into the head like that worm thing in the second Star Trek movie did to poor Chekov. It's as good, maybe even better, than the Young Marble Giant's debut, IMO. I've just about wore out my tape of this over the years.

I actually don't really enjoy any of their latter work. They should've left out the distortion, much as it ever pains me to say that.

Oh - there's something wrong with that Able Tasman's post. I get a message that says it's been forwarded to Mediafire's Gestapo team or something like that.

Thanks for all the tune - great work!

paramo said...

Not knowing which reason the front cover of "Store in a cool place" is missing your post, we are going to send you a file with the artwork and the lyrics of this release. Feel free to use it as you wish.
We haven`t noticed any email address of the blog, so if there will be no directional response, we will use within the next hours the comments space for the (sharebee) link.
With respect - LA FOLIE DU JOUR

Ariel said...

This wasn't my post, so I don't know Gozz's reasons for leaving out the artwork, but you can send me the file at AriBurr@hotmail.com. Thanks!

kiwi_lover said...

not the best JPS? Seriously? this album is so classic it's not even funny. One of the best pop albums of the 80's in my opinion and many others' opinions too. Trouser press says the making of this album was "prodded by the anxieties of teen boredom and inspired by the financial comfort of the dole." Um yeah? Your point? How many classic rock and roll albums were made thusly? Too many to mention here. Fred Mills is a prat.

TOSITTI said...

hey, excellent blog ! can you re-upload this album ? curious to here this. sounds awesome. thanks a lot if you can ! i hope !

Pierre said...

Your blog is fantastic- I would love a reupload of the Jean Paul Sartre Experience albums- very hard to come by. Thank you so much for a great blog!