Friday, September 12, 2008

Tall Dwarfs - The Short and Sick of It (1992)

'The Short and Sick of It' combines the Tall Dwarfs' first full-length, 1985's 'That's the Short and Long of It,' and the 1986 'Throw a Sickie' EP for your listening pleasure. So, whoever requested the debut, this is your lucky day! That is, if you actually remember requesting it in the first place; it has been a few weeks. Why was it called 'That's the Short and Long of It,' you ask? Well, one side of the 12" LP featured 10 songs that played at 33rpm, and the other side featured 2 songs (one a surprisingly successful 6-minute, "Wall of Dwarfs" reworking of "Nothing's Going to Happen") that played at 45rpm. Short and long. Get it? Anyway, if you've ever heard a Tall Dwarfs release, you know what to expect. And check out Alec Bathgate's wonderful solo album, Gold Lamé, while you're here; it deserves more listeners.

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On the subject of requests...

No, I haven't forgotten them; some of these albums just take a little hunting to find. I believe that as of right now, these are all pending requests. If I've forgotten anything--or if you would like to add something to the list--please let me know in the comments section.

UPDATE: We have now acquired all of the albums listed below. See, that didn't take too long. Look out for them soon!

- Ariel

Able Tasmans - Store in a Cool Place
Able Tasmans - Somebody Ate My Planet
The Bats - 4 Songs EP
Jean-Paul Sartre Experience - Love Songs
Stephen - Radar of Small Dogs

On an unrelated note, if you downloaded the Verlaines' Juvenilia from this blog, you probably noticed that the final track, "C.D. Jimmy Jazz and Me," was not the original b-side to "Death and the Maiden" but the 'Bird Dog' version. Alright, you probably didn't notice. Well, I finally found the original version, which you can download here if you feel so inclined: C.D. Jimmy Jazz and Me. I uploaded a complete copy of 'Juvenilia' as well, so I can remove that annoying disclaimer. Enjoy!


hank said...

Great post, thank you! Looking forward to the NZ stuff coming up... love the Tasmans, and I'm really curious about Stephen.

Trout said...

Awesome! I've been looking for the Stephen album for freaking ever!

Anonymous said...

Get outta the garage, boys.


Anonymous said...

Love this album. No surprise since I'm a Tall Dwarfs fan already. What about the 2nd Alec Bathgate solo ablum that came out on Lil' Chief?

Josh said...

hello, any chance of re-uploading the original version of CD Jimmy Jazz and Me? The link jumps to 'Juvenilia' then to 'file not found'. Strange. Thanks!