Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Able Tasmans - A Cuppa Tea and a Lie Down (1987)

By Request:
A major work from this New Zealand indie group, A Cuppa Tea and a Lie Down comes highly recommended to those in love with the sophisticated and delicate arrangements of the New Zealand rock scene's Flying Nun label sound. While some of their peers in the productive period of '80s and '90s down under produced edgy, loud guitar music inside the framework of pop, Able Tasmans temper their largely acoustic sound with keyboards and acoustic arrangements in place of corrosive guitars. The songs are built on the delicate threshold of complexity/simplicity, filled out with lush arrangements and dreamy atmospheres that call to mind Fairport Convention. A great album filled with sweet and crafty pop songs that will hold much appeal to fans of intelligent guitar pop; Yo la Tengo, Belle & Sebastian, the Bats, and Television Personalities spring to mind.

[Skip Jansen,]



Melvillain said...

Thanks again guys!

Anonymous said...

do you have jps experience- love song

J. said...

Hi Blogmakers,

many thanks for your tasteful blog.
I ever love the Able Tasmans (just as much as the wonderful Opal, Verlaines, Chills). They are my own history.
Do you have the last Able Tasmans LP "Store in a cool place" too.

Hopefully your friend

Gozz said...

I'll Have Love songs by Jean-Paul Sartre experience up tomorrow sometime for sure, I'm sure I can chuck up that Able Tasmans lp for you too.

Garret McMahon said...

Just discovered your great blog. Thanks for sharing this gem.

Anonymous said...

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