Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Wild Poppies - Heroine (1987)

A Band I know practically nothing at all about other than the fact they were from New zealand and released this Jangly little gem of an lp sometime in 1987. Sounds similar to The Bats, Clean, Verlaines, Feelies, Sneaky feelings and The Chills but with their own slightly experimental tendencies in areas, Very good stuff deffinitely worth checking out if you're a fan of those mentioned bands. - Gozz



Anonymous said...

terrific ... not groundbreaking or hugely individual sounding but a really enjoyable and often sublime example of jangle for anyone who looks for quality obscure stuff in the genre.

Will said...

thanks, never even heard of these people. a request: first Dead Famous People (Barlow House?) ep. I have most of the tracks already, so I refuse to pay $60-plus on the used vinyl for like 2 tracks.

Also, there was a solo project by Sneaky Feelings member David Pine, I think on the arclife label. I was never able to get it anywhere.

John said...

A hidden gem. Thanks for the link. I have tried reading up on Wild Poppies and they apparently have a single called Stare At The Sun. It has some love on some other blogs but seems hard to get.

Andrew said...

I fucken love these guys!!!!
Got this on vinyl and dig their sound.
Thanks for all the great music!

80's Best said...

Could you give me another link. thanks
brillant blog!

Anonymous said...

YES PLEASE RE-UP. i cried when the link didnt work :(

Alan Carter said...

Wow guys, thanks for your kind comments......I never knew. Have several unused Heroine Albums if any one interested lol. Cheers!
Alan xx

D'Artagnan said...

Manufactured Recordings is reissuing "Heroine" on 2xLP and CD very soon! The release will actually include their full discography: the original album, as well as all the songs from the “Stare at the Sun” 7”, the “Out of Time” EP and even some previously unreleased demo tracks!

More info here:

Nick Taylor said...

A work in progress etc, but more information than anybody could reasonably wish for here: