Monday, August 11, 2008

Great Plains - Length of Growth 1981-89

Two discs of these Seminal 80's Lo-fi Jangly punky garage outfit Great plains, I've only newly discovered these guys and they're fast becoming a favourite, If you love the sounds so far on this blog but are looking for something rougher and punkier but with that perfectly dodgy but awesomely grand lo-fi sound of a band just knocking tunes out left right and center in a weed and booze infested dingy suburban garage late at night DEFFINATELY! look no further than The Great Plains! - Gozz

In case you're totally clueless, Great Plains were a 'seminal' 1980s Columbus, Ohio band led by Ron House, who was also the shirtless leader of Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, and who now leads the Ron House Band. Other former Great Plains include: Mark Wyatt (One Riot One Ranger), Matt Wyatt (Campfire Walkers), Dave Green (Screaming Urge), Don Howland (Gibson Bros, Bassholes), Mike 'Rep' Hummel (Quotas + solo artist), Paul Nini (Log, Peck of Snide, Househearts + solo artist), Bill Bruner (Dark Arts), and Jim Castoe (Men of Leisure). Great Plains releases appeared on the Homestead and Shadowline (NL) labels, and their songs have been covered live and on record by pals such as Yo La Tengo, Nothing Painted Blue, and fellow Ohioans Swearing at Motorists.

Download Disc One

Download Disc Two


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this wondreful album! All the things you said about it are true. This album is amazing! Thanks.

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gomonkeygo said...

Hey - just found your blog last night and love it. I never heard of The Individuals before!

Great Plains were awesome. Saw them live once, have most of the vinyl, waiting and waiting and waiting for a big box set...probably will wait forever.

I've got a live Great Plains on my blog, The New Disease, plus live Feelies and lots more. Lots of 80s stuff on my old blog, too, if you want some, at Time Is a Disease.

They're here:

And here:

Thanks so much - I'll be back to see what's happening often.

Mark said...


"Born In A Barn" is one of my favorite records, I can't wait to hear this.