Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Kiwi Animal - Music Media (1984)

Here's an interesting curiosity from New Zealand: The Kiwi Animal was the creation of Brent Hayward and Julie Cooper; together they released two full-length LPs in the mid-eighties, 1984's 'Music Media' and the following year's 'Mercy.' 'Music Media' is an ethereally beautiful folk affair, at once sinister and lovely, and possessing of a clear experimental bent. Hayward was previously involved in the fantastic art-punk quartet Shoes This High. Their only release, 1981's self-titled EP, will be posted sometime soon along with a few other choice D.I.Y. gems. Stay tuned!

NOTE: I re-uploaded Human Switchboard's excellent 1981 LP Who's Landing in My Hanger? with cleaned-up audio and added a few videos just for good measure. If you haven't grabbed it yet, now's the time!

- Ariel

"Blue Morning"


Anonymous said...

Interesting about looks like the founder/guitarist/singer/frontman landed himself in jail and is being sentenced to prison. wild read on their website ;(

Anonymous said...

Since I've hear The Kiwi Animal, The Verlaines, The Terminals, I'm fan of the kiwi rock... Especially The Kiwi Animal.

Sorry about my bad english.

Regards from Lima, PerĂº.

NZer said...

thank you

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