Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Verlaines - Hallelujah All the Way Home (1985)

Since I've been posting the albums that succeeded it, it seems fitting to upload this orchestral gem as well. And really, the Verlaines' entire eighties output is essential listening. This is their first full-length LP, released in 1985, and many of its songs are easily the equal of its successor's, the masterful 'Bird Dog.' The positively epic constructions of "It was Raining," "The Lady and the Lizard," and the intensity of "Lying in State" are among the best work of a band that consistently pushed the boundaries of the conventional pop song throughout their career. As an interesting aside, this album was part of a composition project that Graeme Downes submitted as he pursued his degree in music; he got an "A." - Ariel


Enjoy the videos as well!

"Death and the Maiden"



Melvillain said...

Thanks guys. You're doing a great job. Keep it up. I did a post about your blog here. Check it out if you're inclined.

Anonymous said...

best debut record of all time?


Britney Land said...

~ I think 'Hallelujah' preceded 'Bird Dog' by a couple years. The confusion might come from its (US?) re-release in '89. And if it is their debut proper, it's sure up there as albums go. They're just too obscure for most folks to take notice.

Tom said...

This is such a great record- inspired song writing with that soaring voice and driving guitar and drums. One of the best debuts of all time!
The "Juvenilia" compilation collects more Verlaines classics- including the epic "Doomsday" of the same era.
It is bands like this which cemented my love for Kiwi music (along with The Chills, Able Tasmans, The Bats, Toy Love, Jay Clarkson, LBGP, Split Enz, and a myriad of NZ compilation albums). I still own most of them on Vinyl, but its sooo nice to finally get more transportable versions on mp3 from here and other sites celebrating the best bands in the world in their day.
Big thanks to Doldrums blog host- you're also a legend!