Thursday, August 28, 2008

Swell Maps - A Trip to Marineville (1979)

Spectacularly beautiful noise courtesy of the dearly departed Nikki Sudden and Epic Soundtracks--not to slight the contributions of Jowe Head, Phones Sportsman, Biggles, and John 'Golden' Cockrill (as listed, honest)--'A Trip to Marineville' is the Swell Maps' first LP after a string of classic singles("Read About Seymour!") This is an album and band I wouldn't want to imagine my life without: a sheer sonic explosion of down 'n dirty experimentalism, minimalist fury, and krautrock-influenced grooves; all performed with a jaggedly raw energy and chaotic, kitchen-sink aesthetic unmatched by any band of its--or perhaps any other--time. "Vertical Slum," "Midget Submarine," and the "Full Moon in My Pocket/Blam!!/Full Moon(reprise)" suite are all bonafide classics to me; do yourself a favor and let the Swell Maps occupy a special slice of your existence if you haven't already. Their second full-length, 'Jane from Occupied Europe' is forthcoming, and I'll probably post a few essential singles too. Stay tuned. Long live the Maps! - Ariel

"Midget Submarine"


Melvillain said...

Nice job. I just got this a couple of months back. Great album. Is Jane from Occupied Europe coming up?

Melvillain said...

Also thanks for all the other great stuff you guys have posted. Keep it up!

Ariel said...

If it's not up by the end of the night, then certainly tomorrow. I plan on posting the 'Read About Seymour' and 'Let's Build a Car' singles as well. Thanks for all your support and check back soon!

Melvillain said...

Thanks Arial!

Tim said...

Hey, thanks much for this. I can't believe I've never heard of these guys before. They're amazing. Thank you for the introduction. Now I've got to find every thing they've ever done.

Ariel said...

Here you go Palmer! I didn't know which links you were referring to, so I uploaded them all. By the time you read this, though, the original links will probably have sorted themselves out. Mediafire is strangely schizophrenic like that. Oh well, enjoy! I assume your handle is a reference to Philip K. Dick, as well? Very nice, indeed.

A Trip to Marineville:

Jane from Occupied Europe:

Singles Collection:

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you Ariel, your blog is great!

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Me And The Devil Blues said...

Hey Can you please post " A Trip to MarineVille" Again the file was deleted or out or air - thanks Rock yeal.

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