Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ghost Club - Suicide Train (2005)

Formed during 1996, Ghost Club was originally an offshoot of the popular Flying Nun band, the 3Ds. Former 3Ds David Mitchell and Denise Roughan moved from Dunedin, New Zealand to London in 1997, & have continued making music as the Ghost Club adding Jim Abbott to the line-up.



Anonymous said...


Any chance you've got their first album, Ghost Clubbing?

Anonymous said...

NOOOO PLEASE RE-POST!!! this is the only dload on the net of this album and it has a dead link!

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please, please, PLEASE do re-post.

Anonymous said...

Awesome band live.
Both albums are excellent, and quite different from each other.
Considering all three members could I believe play guitar / bass and drums very well the possibilities could have been endless.
Please reform!

phil said...

please repost