Friday, August 29, 2008

Swell Maps (Singles Edition!) - Read About Seymour (1977) + Dresden Style (1978) + Real Shocks (1979) + Let's Build a Car (1979)

These singles are all culled from the various Swell Maps outtakes/rarities/best-of collections that have been flooding your local record store of late; I decided to collect them in this fashion because there is no one collection that has all of the complete A-sides and B-sides, and additionally, there would just be way too much overlap with the main albums if I posted a complete compilation. I've endeavored to present these tracks in the order that nature intended them to be, with the exception of "Real Shocks" because I can't find its B-sides. But three out of four is not bad! I think I've bored everyone enough with my Maps devotion already, so I'll just let these songs speak for themselves. Loudly. Enjoy!

If you like what you hear, please visit Secretly Canadian and purchase their Swell Maps reissues.

- Ariel

Read About Seymour (7")

- Read About Seymour
- Ripped & Torn
- Black Velvet

Dresden Style (7")

- Dresden Style
- Ammunition Train
- Full Moon

Real Shocks (7")

- Real Shocks

Let's Build a Car (7")

- Let's Build a Car
- Big Maz in the Country
- ...Then Poland

"Let's Build a Car"


Tim said...

Just want to thank you again, Ariel, for the epiphany. Just think if contemporary music could have harnessed the smarts, the anger, the brilliance, the beauty of the Swells. Just think...

You're beautiful.

Ariel said...

Again, I'm thrilled that you had such an immediate, visceral reaction. Do check the archives; I think you might find the Homosexuals' album worthwhile. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Is this the Limited Editon Singles Box from Munster Records from Spain?.
Thanks a lot.

Ariel said...

No it's not; I wasn't even aware there was such a thing! These are all taken from various compilations. I couldn't find anything like it on other blogs, so I decided to create one myself. Glad you enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this, I just saw Killing Joke live recently here in NYC, and the drummer Paul reccomended these guys...great stuff and thanks again!

Ian Cusack (Newcastle) said...

The B-Sides of "Real Shocks" are two DIY pieces recorded by Nikki & Phones in 1977. From July 29th is "English Verse," a dull half formulated idea & from January 28th is the magnificent "Monologues." Featuring Phones on mouthorgan, tin whistle & whistling, it is the best piece of Swell Maps DIY, bar "Steven Does" of course.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. I like "English Verse" so much that I named by band after it! Are you folks aware of the Whatever Happens Next rarities comp btw? It's a double of demos, live stuff & Peel sessions that the band released when they split up. Don't think it's ever been released on CD but it's out there in the blogosphere... IBx

mplack_aout said...

thank you for this great post

tan said...

broh!!! from latinoamerica... chile...

please put the singles collection again...

when i try to download, the computer doesn't exctract any file...
do you have another option??

im fanatic of nikki sudden..


Ernest Embryo said...

Superb, thanks :)

Kathy said...

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Turbo said...

Kathy you are the antithesis of everything that is wonderful about the joy of music. Music for music sake is obviously a lost concept. ... Shucks ya old buzzard who can stay mad at ya :) Get on over here now you hear! ... oh yeah there will be no hearing anymore. Infernal Thanks!